About the Economic Society of Singapore

The Economic Society of Singapore (ESS), formerly the Malayan Economic Society, was established on 28 July 1956, as a result of an initiative by graduates and staff from the Department of Economics from the then University of Malaya in Singapore.

On 28 March 1969, the Society changed its name from the Malayan Economic Society to the Economic Society of Singapore, in response to the new independent and sovereign status of the Republic.

Since 1976, the Society has been one of the founding members of the Federation of ASEAN Economic Association (FAEA). The Society published a journal, the Malayan Economic Review (MER), which was later renamed the Singapore Economic Review (SER) in 1969. The SER is now regarded as the leading journal in the Asia Pacific and it is in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) indexed journal.

Today, ESS has expanded to include members from the academic, government and business sectors. The Society organizes conferences and networking sessions to foster discussions of current economic issues relating to Singapore and the region.